Greetings cards

Amelie cards are printed on quality paper, they come with white envelopes and cello wraps and are either 15 x 15 cm or 12 x 12 cm, depending on the design.

Our greetings cards are £1.20 each or £4.00 for 4

  'Allium'  15 x 15cm                               'Hydrangea'   15 x 15cm                       'Butterflies'   15 x 15cm

  'Pink hearts and jewels' 15 x 15cm     'Blue hearts and jewels'   12 x 12 cm     'Red and blue heart'  15 x 15 cm

   'Floral heart'   12 x 12cm                      'Hearts and dots'  12 x 12cm

Pack of 6 notecards, each a different design, 12 x 12cm, based on our soap wrap designs. 'Chevrefeuille', Violette', 'Lavande', 'Monoi', 'Fleur de Lotus', and 'Rose'.  £6.00

                                                             Christmas cards.

   'Purple bauble'                                      'Green bauble'                                      'Blue bauble'


Amelie is not taking orders at present.